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Junior Academy



Thank you for your support with the parent workshop questions. The results of this show that both maths and writing are the areas you would like information on supporting your children with. Maths had slightly more votes so we will look in to this area first. Within maths all areas – calculation methods, supporting at home and progression were all about equal and therefore workshops will be run on these areas.

Thank you for your participation in the previous survey. The results show that as parents and carers you wanted to be more informed about the behaviours of your children. In response to this we have introduced a system called Class Dojo. There is an app on apple, android, windows and can also be accessed via the internet.  We are rewarding pupils with points for good choices and behaviours and subtracting points for poor choices and behaviours. As parents and carers you can use the code that has been sent home to access your own child’s information and review their behaviour as frequently as you would like. Pupils will work towards earning rewards each week – this number of points is bespoke to each class as are the points awarded to ensure that any key issues with behaviour are addressed based on the pupils in each class rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Class Dojo has been introduced to the pupils in an assembly and they were really keen on the idea that parents can see all the positives about how polite, how hard they are working etc and that work can also be shared.

We will also be using this system to feed in to the pastoral work with pupils through the analysis of behaviours so we can support pupils with specific behaviours.

If you have any problems setting the app up or accessing the system online please come in and we will help to get this set up – it is a very simple system to use and master which is an added bonus for its use.

We also have the facility to share pupils work from the class as well, keep an eye out for this, it will be up and running shortly so you can not only see the fantastic behaviours of your child but also the excellent work they are producing in the ‘Class Story’ section.

The survey showed a significant increase in the percentage of parents feeling informed about their child’s behaviour from 66% to 91%.  

Thank you for your support.