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Junior Academy

Sport Premium

Government – Primary School Sports Funding

The £150 million per annum of funding for primary school sport has now been secured by the current Government. This funding has been jointly provided by the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary school headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all of their children.

The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.



The last academic year, the funding has been spent on specialist PE coaching with JB coaching so that all staff can have CPD opportunities which has been done by teachers observing the sports coach for two weeks, team teaching for two weeks and then the teachers delivering the whole PE lesson for two weeks. We have updated our PE resources, and we have purchased sports trophies for Inter-School competitions entries for all year groups.

Use and Impact of Sport Premium:

  • CPD for staff through observing specialist teachers
  • Morning fun fit sports club before school 
  • Pupils accessing a broader range of sports through the purchasing of new equipment and through the interschool /Academy sporting events e.g. New Age Kurling, Goal ball which are Para-Olympic events
  • Developing differentiation of core and key skills within PE through the use of the sports manuals
  • Pupils’ self-esteem and confidence developed through participation in a wide range of sports which have included representing our Academy at events
  • Enhanced provision of competitive sports
  • Further development of cross curricular links particularly science and mathematics
  • Strong partnership with other schools / Academies in competitions


The academy makes good use of the additional funding it has received to extend the sporting opportunities that are available to pupils. Participation in the trust’s sports partnership has brought in specialist coaching for pupils and is helping to raise the expertise of staff. As a result, pupils’ enjoyment, skills and participation levels are increasing.

Impact – Specialist PE teachers from JB Sports share their specialist knowledge with all our teachers. This acts as a mentoring mechanism and helps to improve the quality and breadth of teaching with primary staff feeling more confident in their PE delivery. This has increased pupils’ understanding of the benefits of physical exercise and participation rates in sporting activities. A growing enthusiasm for PE is evident and is directly related to the increase in competitive opportunities and variety of sports on offer. The wide range of expertise made available through JB Sports staff has a direct impact on the enrichment of both the PE and after-school curriculum.

5 A Day subscription

A full year’s subscription to 5 A Day. 5 A Day is an online fitness resource that provided 5 minute fully demonstrated exercise routines. Many of the routines are translated into French, Spanish and Welsh for cross curricular language development.

Outdoor Learning 

Outdoor learning opportunities and OAA are encouraged termly in all year groups.

Year Five and Year Six Gifted and Talented Children

Historically, pupils attend an indoor gifted and talented Athletics competition in Leicester every June, they compete against pupils within GAT. 

Curricular Provision for PE:

  • Indoor and Outdoor PE timetabled for two hours per week in total – games, dance, gymnastics, athletics, OAA, leadership and team games, athletics
  • Swimming

Our Extra-Curricular Sport Programme offer-

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Girls Football
  • Multi-Skills
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Swimming provision 
  • GAT athletics competition 

Aims for next academic year:

  • Continue to use specialist coaches – developing Team Teach model
  • PE rewards in celebration assembly to encourage further participation
  • Purchasing further sports equipment to provide a wider range of sporting activities 
  • Intra and Inter school competitions
  • Develop the Sports section on the Academy website to share achievements, participation, events and photographs

We are further developing our monitoring system regarding the impact of the Sports Premium.