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Junior Academy

Smart School Council

Here at Skegness Junior Academy, we are part of the Smart School Council community, which is a beacon of democracy and empowers all of our children!

Our goal is to cultivate an environment where children actively participate in shaping their own educational experience, fostering leadership skills and instilling a sense of responsibility within a democratic framework.

Our Smart School Council is more than an extracurricular activity; it's a transformative approach to children's involvement, embodying the principles of democracy. We firmly believe that children are not only recipients of education but essential contributors to the democratic process within the school. Therefore, all of our children have a voice!

Our commitment to democracy and pupil voice is reflected in our implementation of the Smart School Council philosophy, centered on three key pillars:

  1. Voice: We prioritise amplifying the voices of our children. Through regular meetings, open forums, and digital platforms, we provide a democratic space for students to express their thoughts, concerns, and ideas regarding school policies, activities, and initiatives.

  2. Leadership: Smart School Councils focus on nurturing leadership skills among children within the framework of democracy. Our program empowers children to take on leadership roles, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability within the democratic principles that underpin our society.

  3. Impact: We believe in creating tangible, positive changes through democratic processes. Our Smart School Council are beginning to take part in projects and initiatives that make a real impact on the school community. Whether advocating for sustainable practices, organising events, or addressing issues that matter to children, we aim to bring about positive change democratically, resonating throughout the academy.

Our current project is conducting joint work with the Eco-Warriors on achieving our sustainable development goals: