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Junior Academy


Our Science Curriculum

Welcome to the Science curriculum at Skegness Junior Academy, where our children embark on a thrilling exploration of the world around us. Our science curriculum is carefully crafted to provide a diverse range of opportunities, allowing children to delve into scientific concepts and gain a secure knowledge of the natural phenomena that shape our world. Science is taught as a separate lesson, but is also linked to our Topic work where appropriate.

At Skegness Junior Academy, our science curriculum is more than just a series of lessons; it is a journey that engages all pupils and prepares them for a future of continuous learning. We cultivate a culture of curiosity and questioning attitudes, encouraging children to explore, inquire, and seek understanding. In the realm of science, we take pride in fostering independence, confidence, and resilience, qualities that are essential for both scientific inquiry and lifelong learning.

A key focus of our curriculum is on building up extended specialist vocabulary, empowering children to articulate scientific concepts with confidence. We believe that developing this language proficiency enhances not only their scientific knowledge, but also their ability to communicate effectively in a scientific context. We encourage our pupils to be curious about natural phenomena and to be excited by the process of understanding the world around them. Key scientific terminology will be introduced each lesson and knowledge will be built upon throughout the academy.

Pupils will be encouraged to work scientifically and will able to carry out simple tests and experiments using equipment and to gather and record data. Children will build on their knowledge of plants, animals including humans, materials, seasonal change, habitats, rocks, light, forces, states of matter, sound, electricity, earth and space and evolution and inheritance. As we guide our children through scientific investigations, we emphasise the importance of building an awareness of potential risks. This approach ensures that pupils not only gain hands-on experience, but also learn to navigate the responsibilities and safety considerations inherent in scientific exploration.

Our curriculum is designed to inspire bravery in thinking, predicting, and investigating. We nurture the development of future scientists by fostering a mindset of exploration and discovery. Regular visits by specialists such as:

  • Planetarium
  • Local Secondary Schools
  • Sublime Science Company (for our yearly National Science Week)

enhance our curriculum. We have also identified a range of books that link to our science curriculum to encourage further investigation and engagement.

National Curriculum Science Programmes of Study:

Please also visit our Long Term Planning for all year groups in the files section on our main curriculum page.

Please see our current Science provision at Skegness Junior Academy: