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Junior Academy

Royal Shakespeare Company

Visit the RSC video for our Skegness Launch

Here at Skegness Junior Academy we are a designated lead associate school for the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). We are in the first year of our four-year program with the RSC. The RSC has already supported teachers with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities. Additionally, the RSC is scheduled to conduct a production of "Romeo and Juliet" for us at our academy, enhancing the children's exposure to Shakespearean drama.

Becoming a lead associate school for the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) holds significant importance for Skegness Junior Academy, as it represents a profound commitment to enriching the educational experience of our children and teachers.

  1. Cultural Enrichment: The RSC is renowned for its commitment to preserving and promoting the works of William Shakespeare, one of the most influential playwrights in history. By being a lead associate school, Skegness Junior Academy gains access to a wealth of resources and expertise that can significantly enhance the cultural enrichment of its curriculum.

  2. Literary Exploration: Shakespeare's plays are a cornerstone of English literature, and studying them provides children with a deep understanding of language, storytelling, and societal themes. The RSC's involvement allows the academy to delve into these timeless works in a more immersive and engaging manner.

  3. Theatrical Experience: The opportunity to host productions by the RSC, such as the upcoming "Romeo and Juliet," brings live theatrical performances directly to the children. Experiencing Shakespearean plays in this way can foster a greater appreciation for the performing arts and provide a unique educational experience beyond traditional classroom settings.

  4. Professional Development: The commitment to continuous professional development (CPD) underscores the dedication of Skegness Junior Academy to enhancing the skills and knowledge of its educators. Collaborating with the RSC provides access to specialised training and resources, allowing teachers to develop expertise in teaching Shakespearean literature and drama effectively.

  5. Long-term Educational Impact: Being part of a four-year program with the RSC indicates a sustained effort to embed Shakespearean studies into the academy's culture. This long-term commitment ensures that the benefits of the partnership will extend beyond a single event, positively influencing multiple cohorts of children and teachers.

  6. Community Engagement: Collaborating with a prestigious institution like the RSC has also developed our community engagement further. Our links with Skegness Embassy have developed further, and we are working closely with them to provide additional experiences for our children. As a lead associate school, we work closely with local schools in the area through a range of networking opportunities provided through the RSC.

At Skegness Junior Academy, we believe that by being a lead associate school for the RSC, we ensure further opportunities through our curriculum to provide more exposure for cultural enrichment, literary exploration, theatrical experiences, professional development for our staff, and a long-term educational impact on both children and teachers.

Our RSC Lead Teacher is Mrs Smith

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