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Junior Academy

Design Technology

Our Design and Technology Curriculum

Welcome to our Design and Technology (DT) curriculum at Skegness Junior Academy, where creativity and innovation take center stage. Our curriculum is designed to equip children with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in our rapidly changing world, aligning seamlessly with our academy's overarching intent of providing inclusive opportunities and fostering critical thinking.

At Skegness Junior Academy, we encourage our pupils to be unusually brave and think critically, as they embark on a journey of discovery through designing and making innovative products. Our goal is to push the limits of creativity and problem-solving, inspiring our children to envision and create products that reflect their unique ideas and perspectives.

The DT curriculum at our academy is diverse, offering pupils opportunities to work with a wide range of mediums, including textiles, food, woodwork, and mechanisms. By engaging with these various materials, children gain hands-on experience, allowing them to explore the possibilities of design and technology. Through research-driven projects, we challenge our pupils to use their creativity to develop innovative and imaginative solutions to real-world problems. Our purpose built kitchen, allows children to create a range of products in DT and gain valuable life skills. Children also have the opportunity to take part in our Cooking Club, which runs termly thoughout the year. During some of the cooking sessions in DT and Cooking Club, children have the opportunity to use the produce grown by year groups in their allocated allotment space.

We believe that fostering a sense of curiosity and resilience in design and technology prepares our pupils to navigate the challenges of the modern world. By encouraging them to think critically, push boundaries, and embrace problem-solving, we aim to instill in our students the confidence and skills needed to lead lives with the highest aspirations and contribute meaningfully to both modern Britain and the global community. We enrich lessons using digital teachnology throughout the designing process. Children even use Minecraft to support one of our yearly projects!

We follow the National Curriculum programme of Study

Please also visit our Long Term Planning for all year groups in the files section on our main curriculum page.