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Junior Academy

Code of Conduct

It is important that pupils and parents are fully aware of the Skegness Junior Academy’s high expectations for pupil conduct. High standards of behaviour and work are expected at all times. A positive approach to discipline is taken and pupils are encouraged to show consideration and care for people and property.

Pupils are to:

  • Respect all other people, regardless of race, culture, gender and religion;
  • Behave in a quiet, polite and orderly manner;
  • Follow the instructions of all staff;
  • Wear the full Academy uniform;
  • Be punctual for the Academy and for lessons;
  • Remove outer clothing (scarves, coats, gloves) before lessons;
  • Leave lessons only with permission from a member of staff;
  • Have a bag in which to carry books and equipment;
  • Look after the Academy property;
  • Be clean and tidy at all times;
  • Work to the best of their ability during lessons;

Pupils must not:

  • Bring mobile phones, iPads or other electrical items to school. In some cases, phones are allowed in UKS2 children and need to request permission to bring one in. The Academy is not responsible for loss, damage or breakage to personal property including phones.
  • Use bad language or swear anywhere on the Academy site;
  • Wear make-up;
  • Write on desks, walls or the Academy fabric;
  • Show intimidating behaviour – physically, verbally or otherwise;
  • Run along the corridors or on the stairways;
  • Interfere with other pupils’ work either physically or verbally;
  • Chew gum at any time;
  • Access other pupils’ files on the Academy’s computer network.