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Junior Academy


This page will give you a taste of what we do here at the Academy!

Reading is a key tool for life. Teaching children to become excellent readers is a large and exciting part of what we do at the Academy. We aim to give each child special reading time with an exceptionally well trained adult four days a week.

Writing is really important. We have lots of exciting opportunities to inspire pupils, which makes sure they enjoy writing, and lots of excellent teaching and support to ensure children make excellent progress. Pupils will normally have an hour of literacy lessons in the morning which is a mixture of learning about reading, writing and speaking and listening.

Mathematics should be exciting and fun for everyone. Our mathematics curriculum covers everything from cooking with weights and measures all the way through to long division and algebra. New mathematical ideas are introduced with lots of hands on practical work and embedded with practice and problem solving.

Computers and other ICT can help pupils make accelerated progress. We support pupils to develop their skills such as researching, typing, editing and art skills. Then we use those skills in our project work. We have two computer suites and lots of other computers around the Academy for groups to use.

Science is an exciting subject. Our pupils learn about science by being real scientists. They observe, experiment, investigate and think like scientists.

History and Geography are best learned by visiting places to explore them – so that’s just what we do!  Over the academic year pupils are taken out to visit places of interest, to inspire and motivate them in their studies. We use research books, the internet and artefacts to find out even more.

Design and Technology is a subject our pupils greatly enjoy! We help them to design and make things from cookies to cars, from pizza to piers.

Music and Art are vital for creative development. Pupils are taught the skills they need and then we help them apply those skills to achieve wonderful pieces of high quality.

Religious Education – we teach religious education based around the agreed Lincolnshire syllabus.  If you have religious reasons for not wanting your child to participate in our daily assembly or on-going religious education, please let your child’s class teacher know.

Physical Education is very important to us. We know that children love our PE, partly because there are lots of different types carried out throughout the year, including swimming. Our main hall is large and there is lots of outdoor space, so we certainly have enough room to do things properly.

Clubs are very popular, and there are a lots available for pupils. These include music, dance, theatre, football, netball, sewing, hockey and lots more besides.

Playtimes are an important part of being happy, healthy and ready to learn. We have two well-staffed playgrounds, an assault course, a large field and an ‘explore’ area. Some of our older pupils also become playground leaders and set up games for the younger children.
For further information we will be updating the website and sending home curriculum letters each term to keep you informed about what your childs learning. If you have any questions about the curriculum please come in and ask, thank you.

SMSC and British Values: SMSC and British Values are embedded across our curriculum through discussions, lesson content, assembly timetables / content and provision of wider experiences including visitors and trips for our pupils.

Our curriculum is under development to create rich experience for our pupils and develop more cross curricular links. Medium term planning for each year group so far is detailed below: